buffalo hunting missouri

Buffalo Hunting Missouri

Although buffalos are associated with the Wild West, they actually originated in Eurasia and migrated over the Bering Strait. The American buffalo, also known as the American bison replaced its larger relative, the steppe bison, about 10,000 years ago.

The bison was a popular hunt for the Plains Indians due to their large quantities of meat. The bison also provided leather, sinew for bows, and glue from their hooves. The bison was also a popular hunt and a valuable food source for the early Americans traveling the Oregon Trail and those heading west in the California Gold Rush.

Hunter Ridge Hunts invites you to experience your own piece of American History as you trophy one of our immense buffalo, just as our ancestors did before us. Buffalo provide impressive mounts and hides. They also supply pounds of meat tasting similar to beef but lower in fat. Be prepared to take home plenty of bison burgers, steaks, and roasts.




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Pricing includes tags, skinning and quartering. Lodging is all inclusive. Missouri sales tax will apply.

Lodging is $200 a day (all inclusive) and there is a $100 a day guide fee. Tips and gratuities are not included in prices.

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